Alabama Board of Cosmetology & Barbering
Margaret Anne Davis
Complaint/Legal Department


Illegal/Banned Implements
Foot Files with holes
Cheese Graters
Callus Razors & refill blades
Neck/Nail Dusters
Non-Nail Drills
Eyebrow/Eyelash tinting

Single Use Items
Pumice Blocks
All Nail Files
Flip Flop
Wax Sticks
Disposable Razors
Cotton Balls
Orange Wood Sticks
Makeup Applicators
Facial Sponges
Roll-on Wax

Licensees are required to work in licensed shop
All licensees of this Board are required to work in salons licensed by this Board.
Please see Section 34-7B-1, Chapter 250-X-2-.02 and Chapter 250-X-3-.01 (13)

Neck and/or nail brushes. These cannot be sanitized.
Please see Chapter 250-X-3-.02 (26).

Non-nail drills. These drills are not designed to be used on nails
and are not safe to use on nails.
Please see Chapter 250-X-3-.02 (6) and 250-X-3-.02 (7).

Eyebrow or Eyelash tinting. Please refer to Chapter 250-X-3-.02(11): “No licensee may perform eyebrow tinting with a product which contains aniline derivative.”

Callous razors. These are dangerous and can cause serious injury.
Please see Chapter 250-X-3-.02 (9).

Foot files with holes. Only foot files with no holes are allowed. Cheese graters or other implements with holes are banned. See Chapter 250-X-3-.02 (3).

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA): The use of this on nails is prohibited in Alabama
and persons found to be using it will be fined and/or their licenses suspended.
The FDA investigated personal injuries associated with the use of fingernail extenders containing
MMA and “concluded that liquid methyl methacrylate was a poisonous and deleterious substance
that should not be used in fingernail preparations.” Please see Chapter 250-X-3-.02 (5).